Art et Industrie

Art Et Industrie is a gallery in New York City founded by artist Rick Kaufmann in 1977 featuring art furniture for the past 20 years.
This is the story of the extraordinary struggles and triumphs of an art curator, his vision, and his collective of artists... 
Below is the long awaited trailer:

Stay Tuned for the Full Length Film!

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The Artists

Photos by Jacopo Campaiola


Wheel of Fortune

In 2014, SmashWerks followed artists Jill Sutherland, Anne Staveley, and their incredible team to Burning Man
to document their art installation the Wheel of Fortune.  
This film explores the magic of our journey... 



Live Experimental Theater

SmashWerks had an amazing experience shooting the play, Humilious;
a post apocalyptic drama which explores and challenges the way we perceive the afterlife.
Directed by the talented Robert Catalusci and shot on the steps of City Hall Los Angeles in a single take,
it was a masterfully executed 6 camera shoot including an 18 foot Jib.
It premiered at The Independent in downtown LA to an enthusiastic sold-out audience
and is currently touring museums in the US and China.
Check out the trailer below: 

Humilious Poster.jpg

behind the scenes VIDEO