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Non-Profit Documentaries

Non-Profit Documentaries

Documentaries For A Good Cause

SmashWerks believes in doing good and helping those in need.
Working with nonprofit organizations allows us the opportunity to help spread their messages to a wider audience.

 A Better Life Foundation

Educating potential donors is an important element to the ABLF team. 

We created three short edits for them to assist in their presentations and build their social media and website presence.  
Below is the seven minute version:


Here is a short film we created, inspired by the city of Ouagadougou,
the capital of Burkina Faso:

It only costs $130 to send one child to school for an entire year...
Please consider donating (any amount helps) to A Better Life Foundation:

 Voice For The Animals Foundation

Voice For The Animals Foundation is devoted to creating respect and empathy for
animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy.
SmashWerks teamed up with VFTA to help spread awareness for Billy the elephant currently residing at the LA Zoo.
VFTA is fighting for Billy to be transferred to a sanctuary as they and many others believe that
Billy's health and mental well-being is being compromised.

Below are two keynote edits that have been assisting in the fight to free Billy:

City Council Committee Hearing on Billy, in Los Angeles on January 24, 2018

Mark Kleiman's, Attorney & Board Member, presentation at the Fairfax hearing fighting for Billy the Elephant.

We are continuing to work with VFTA on this case. This ongoing project is dedicated to defending animal rights and spreading the message of inhumane treatment of animals around the world. 

Please visit VFTA's website for more information: