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Sutherland Presses

A Fresh Take on the Corporate Video World

Starting in 2015, SmashWerks Films teamed up with Sutherland Presses to assist in their multi-dimensional media outreach program. 
We worked closely with them to create an educational PR campaign that helped clients and technicians familiarize themselves
with the Sutherland brand and their line of products.

Below is the main video we created for them, a company branding film, which has proven extremely successful
in engaging their current clients as well as bringing in new interest: 

Below is a video highlighting one of their most popular presses,
The Servo Hydraulic Press:

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A Strong Partnership

In four years of working together, this creative collaboration brought us to a multitude of cities across the US and a week of documenting various factories and taking important meetings with President Mark Sutherland and Director of Operations Hector Aleman in Shanghai, China.

We have also successfully produced 25 edits (and counting) ranging from company branding films, client testimonials, trade show coverage, and technical tutorials in both English and Spanish. You can visit Sutherland's Website to watch more.

The SmashWerks team has provided out of the box ideas on ways we can innovate the technology we share and the messages we want to get across. Our videos give us a competitive edge in conveying our story and mission to our clients. The quality in the videos conveys a cool professionalism that pays for itself. A potentially bland topic, like a Control Training video has been filmed and curated in such a way that viewers are captivated.
— Jill Sutherland, VP of Sales & Marketing